Did you understand the conversation? Here is a quiz to test yourself. Choose the correct answer.

لسماع اللفظ اضغط على السؤال او احد الاختيارات
1 :

Why did Liz need help filling the form?

She could not understand it

She forgot her glasses

She was not feeling well

She did not need help filling the form

2 :

Who gave Liz the form to fill?

was Asha

Her workplace

Her Landlord

She was not sure

3 :

Where did Liz find the form?

In the mail box

On the floor

Asha found it

Outside her door

4 :

How long was the form?

Three pages

Two pages

One page

Half a page

5 :

What did Liz think of Asha?

She was intelligent

She was nosy

She was sweet and helpful

She was not very helpful

6 :

Who did the landlord give the forms to?

Liz and Asha



All the tenants

7 :

Why was Asha able to fill section one and section two on her own?

Liz wrote the information before

She knew all the information

She copied the information from another form

She was unable to fill in section one and two

8 :

What was section three about?

Repairs to the apartment

Rent increase

Rules about the apartment

A new lease

9 :

Which section was the longest?

Section one

All the sections were the same length

Section two

Section three

10 :

What did Liz decide to do before starting the last section?

Put on a pot of tea

Take a nap

Speak to the landlord

Ask Asha her opinion

لكي تتابع دروسنا الجديدة بالصوت والصورة والشرح المفصل انصحك بالاشتراك في قناتنا على اليوتيوب

او انشر الصفحة على مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي